Our photographs are irreplaceable!!!

They are the first thing we look for when our homes are threatened by fire or flood but they are also deteriorating whether they sit in albums, slide trays or boxes.
Once digitized, you never have to worry about color shifts, fading, chemical reactions or any other disaster that might befall your precious memories.
Digital files can be stored on DVD's and kept in a safe place such as a safety deposit box or safe.

Rather than keeping the old family photo albums at one family members home and only being able to see the old family photos when you go for a visit, DVD's of these albums can be made. Now every family member can have their own copy of these family treasures.

Having your photographs converted to digital files also allows you to view them on your computer or on your television very easily. No more having to set up the slide projector and screen or having to pass the photo album from person to person.

Let me convert your photographs, slides and negatives to digital files.